Meijer No Doubling Coupons Rumor Laid to Rest

While I may have been “gone” from the site, I’m still hangin’ out! Nothing gets by me and know many of you have heard about Meijer no longer doubling coupons. While that is true to markets like Detroit, it is NOT true here in Cincinnati. I received official word from my Meijer contact that we don’t have anything to worry about in Cincinnati. You can expect to see double coupons at your area Cincinnati Meijer stores. But, don’t be surprised {Read More}

Save Up to $80 on Gun Safes, Free Shipping

If you are a gun owner (or thinking about getting a gun for home protection) you can save up to 50% off at There’s a couple of different brands and sizes to chose from. Be sure to ship to your local Meijer store to receive FREE Shipping! – GunVault MiniVault Gun Safe – $74.99 (RV $144.49) The GunVault MiniVault Gun Safe offers you optimum security for your home at an affordable price. It keeps prying hands out while allowing {Read More}

Save on Baby | 8 Ways to Cut Costs When Raising a Child

Did you know that it costs approximately $11,500 to raise a child from birth to age 2 with a family of 2 parents and 2 children? To me, that’s a little outrageous and nowhere near the amount I have spent on raising Mini Me or Sissy! 1. Hand me downs – there is nothing wrong with clothing that has been passed on from a previous child. Whether it’s clothing from a niece, brother or neighbor, the fact of the matter {Read More}

Shop With Ease When Shopping at Meijer

MEIJER – SHOP WITH EASE WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND Meijer offers a Meijer 1 card that can be applied for here. When you receive your Meijer 1 card, you will be able to link the Meijer 1 card to Community Rewards here. The Community Rewards program raises funds for organizations and you will receive rewards for all your Meijer shopping, including gas and convenience store purchases! There is no minimum or maximum spending amount. All purchases can be made with cash, {Read More}

Cincinnati Area Meijer Coupon Matchups

Meijer Coupon Policy

How Do I Obtain Meijer Store Coupons?

Did you know that you can combine a manufacture coupon with a Meijer Mealbox printable coupon, known as “stacking” for additional savings? Here’s how: 1. Head over to 2. Click on “Specials” and then “Coupons” 3. Click “Add to Shopping List” for coupons that you would like to print 4. Once you’ve gone through all the pages (typically 3-4), hit “Shopping List” tab 5. From there click “Print” under the “Add” button For additional savings at Meijer be sure {Read More}