Marci’s Thoughts | Couponing VS. Extreme Couponing

Since the first “Extreme Couponing” show aired on TLC back in December I’ve clearly had my own thoughts and opinions (You can read Marci’s Thoughts on TLC’s “Extreme Couponers” Show here) published throughout the internet. I portray myself as a “couponer”. I’m no way an “extremist” by any means. I live a simple, clean, healthy and organized life and I love it. From my perspective couponers are giving, caring folks who often share coupons in the store and also donate {Read More}

I’m Spending Time With Family VS. Watching Extreme Couponing

A fellow blogger of mine, Tara at, wrote an article and it inspired me to jump on board and let ya’ll know why I’m also not watching Extreme Couponers tonight. Tonight will be spent curled up on the couch watching American Idol with my growing family and it may even possibly involve a little Cookies N Creme ice cream {hey, I’m already fat and pregnant and enjoying every minute of it!}. I will not be tuning into Extreme Couponing {Read More}

Extreme Coupon Story Featuring Us Tonight on ONN

UPDATE – 9: 32 AM, 4/1/11 – To watch the entire Coupon Story on ONN click here. If you follow along on the Cincinnati Coupons Facebook page you may have noticed the following video posted.   Dena and I were interviewed by Denise Alex of Ohio News Network a few weeks back. I’m excited to see the story air tonight at 9 pm EST on Time Warner Cable Channel 362. The story is an interesting mix of us along with {Read More}