Does it Pay to Coupon?

I challenge you doubters! Over the next 2 weeks, use coupons frequently. Come back, let me know of your savings and that you are becoming ADDICTED TO SAVING MONEY! I’ve got prizes to giveaway too!

Coupon 101 | Organizing Your Coupons

For many newbies figuring out the right way to organize your coupons can be overwhelming. Stop wasting money and learn what works from a coupon addict! When I first started couponing I was the chick in the grocery store with the accordion style system that I had bought at the $1 store. After a few short weeks I outgrew that system and then began only taking the coupons with me that I needed for that shopping trip. I was quick {Read More}

Coupon 101 | Need Coupons – These Sites Will Save You Thousands

Need to start saving your family money today? If so, look no further. These websites will get you saving money at the grocery store within minutes!

Coupon 101 | Creating Your Own Price Book

When you create a price book you will begin to see where you can saving and when to stockpile!

Marci’s Thoughts | Couponing VS. Extreme Couponing

Since the first “Extreme Couponing” show aired on TLC back in December I’ve clearly had my own thoughts and opinions (You can read Marci’s Thoughts on TLC’s “Extreme Couponers” Show here) published throughout the internet. I portray myself as a “couponer”. I’m no way an “extremist” by any means. I live a simple, clean, healthy and organized life and I love it. From my perspective couponers are giving, caring folks who often share coupons in the store and also donate {Read More}

I’m Spending Time With Family VS. Watching Extreme Couponing

A fellow blogger of mine, Tara at, wrote an article and it inspired me to jump on board and let ya’ll know why I’m also not watching Extreme Couponers tonight. Tonight will be spent curled up on the couch watching American Idol with my growing family and it may even possibly involve a little Cookies N Creme ice cream {hey, I’m already fat and pregnant and enjoying every minute of it!}. I will not be tuning into Extreme Couponing {Read More}

Welcome ONN Viewers

I’d like to give each and everyone of you a warm welcome! We strive to teach our readers how to coupon properly, give back to the community by the power of donating and to get you addicted to saving money. Make sure to sign up for our FREE Daily Newsletter! Dena and I are Sister In Laws who love to save our families money. We are both stay at home Moms and that’s made possible by our hobby, couponing. Feel {Read More}

Shop Smarter at the Grocery Store

With these simple tips, you will be able to shop smarter at the grocery store.